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Subject: Comments on draft EMIX

Title: Comments on draft EMIX

Document http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/download.php/37959/emix-1.0-spec-wd-06.pdf

My comments are inline below.  Thank you.

Section Line#           Text            Existing Language/Observation  

2.2.2            Intrinsic elements     Wouldn’t a price per rate of delivery e.g. $x/MWH at yMW be more explicit than total cost.  It also supports next comment.     

2.2.2            Intrinsic elements     How does this model doesn’t support bid curves – monotonically increasing prices for energy for increasing delivery rates

2.2.2                                   The CAISO market has a three part bid that includes start-up cost and min load compensation.  They can’t be taken separately.

2.2.2                                   I don’t see the unit/resource identifiers.  These are necessary to discover registered quantities as registered in 3.1

2.2.2           OpeGML          Reference?

2.2.2                                   An attribute for firm/non-firm would be useful, not sure if that’s intrinsic or not.

2.2.3           IEEE  1159              Reference?

3.1.1           AC Power                Market does not distinguish between AC and DC delivered power, most attributes here are applicable to both.

2.2.2                                   CAISO also provides the ability to “bid” reduced performance attributes (e.g. ramp rates, start up time) that are lower than registered values for a unit.  Does this need to be called out explicitly?

Line 366        distance for transmission               Duplicated?

Sean Crimmins

Data Architect

Architecture and Systems Engineering

California ISO

Office (916) 608-5978

Cell    (916) 802-4803

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