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Subject: emix emix-over-v1.0-cnprd02

EMIX Overview Version 1.0
Committee Note Draft 02 /
Public Review Draft 02
14 June 2012

Footnote 2 Page 4:
Separate ownership has not been uniformly required or implementing in various jurisdictions;
there are municipalities with a different model.

Change "implementing" to "implemented"

Line 43: Things offered the promise that things houses in -> Things offered the promise that things housed in (change houses to housed)

Line 50: R&D finds -> R&D funds

Line 71: disparate stakeholder can use -> disparate stakeholders can use (missing "s" on stakeholders)

Line 71/72 Perhaps reads better as
disparate stakeholders can use to express to other unrelated parties what they have to offer or wish to buy

Line 91: It is enable many activities ->
It enables many activities
It is the enabler of many activities


Mike Douglass                           douglm@rpi.edu
Senior Systems Programmer
Communication&  Collaboration Technologies      518 276 6780(voice) 2809
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 110 8th Street, Troy, NY 12180

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