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Subject: Next meeting Thursday, December 3; meeting scheduling continued

All --

I'm back, after the Thanksgiving break and a week off (in the mountains of Eastern Tennesse/Western North Carolina).

I've updated the calendar. We'd discussed changing the meeting date. Thursdays in December hit Christmas Eve and New Years Eve, neither of which is good for attendance.

If people are comfortable with the Thursday day/time, I suggest we keep it and simply cancel those two meetings.

There were several suggestions on discovering a good day/time; I'll take a look at those, so watch the email list, but for now we'll just stick with Thursday 11am Eastern.


William Cox
Email: wtcox@CoxSoftwareArchitects.com
Web: http://www.CoxSoftwareArchitects.com
+1 862 485 3696 mobile
+1 908 277 3460 fax

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