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Subject: Presentation Opportunity at Smart Grid Summit - Miami, Florida

Dear OASIS Members,

OASIS has been invited to speak on a panel at the upcoming Smart Grid
Summit, January 20-22 in Miami -- URL:

Below is a preliminary outline for the panel session.  Please review and let
me know if anyone from our committees might be interested in participating
on behalf of OASIS and our initiatives in this area.  

Kind regards, Jane

Industry Standards/Interoperability Review
Thursday - 01/21/10, 8:30-9:15am

The Smart Grid is about a cohesive framework for device communications that
will increasingly be based around two-way, real time data flows. Right now
many solutions are being proposed but we are still missing the standards
that will insure the Smart Grid is an interoperable network. In this panel,
thought leaders will share their insights on a path to a unified Smart Grid.


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