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Subject: [emix] WD02 GreenContent and Nuclear Power

In the table starting at line 186 the element GreenContent is defined with the normative specification of 'The proportion of the product defined that is from non-fossil fuel sources, including but not limited thydroelectric, solar and wind.'
Nuclear Power fits this specification, though calling nuclear power Green is a severe paradox.
Are we really focussed on Carbon Neutrality and as such include nuclear power as a classification, or are we focussed on environmenral friendly produced energy which excludes nuclear power as a positive classification.
In the first case we should rename the element and the latter we should change the normative specification.

Kind regards,

Perry Krol

We currently have a source location. Is there a need for a Delivery Location?

Price may be for Rocky Mountain Wind, delivered to NY ISO. Beyond NY ISO, transmission and congestion charges are additional.

I'm thinking of the analog of "FOB Shipping"


"If something is not worth doing, it`s not worth doing well"
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