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Subject: Some suggested edits and thoughts re our document EMIX wd03

Some suggested edits and thoughts re our document EMIX wd03

Line 12 - three things yet only two are listed.

Line 53 - what are same-time transmission rights?  Why not just say transmission rights?

Line 56 - Rather than say MarketID here, how about "market context".

Line 80 and line 94 : The concept of a list of prices, schedule, quantity as a list is good.  Here are some use cases that may help.

Use Case 1: Most trading: , price, schedule, quantity for offers, bids and transactions

Use Case 2: Linked trading,  Trading a list of scalar transactions as in Case 1 all in one transaction.  This requires all transactions be contracted or none are.

Use Case 3: Shaped trades.  Price is specified for a set of quantity and interval pairs that form single offer, bid or transaction. It doesn't mean anything to have different prices on elements of such a trade.

Use Case 4:  List of Scalar trades as in Use Case 1 that can be individually transacted.  Price, quantity and interval can be specified for each with other elements of the message the same.

Use Case 5: List of Scalar trades for the same interval.  This can be the list of current bids and asks in a market.

Line 90 :  If schedule is just another term for interval as specified in Table 1,  then why not use the word interval which seems much more descriptive and is more in line with electric industry practice?

Line 90: The time an offer is made is often important since the price for the same product for the same interval and quantity, location, etc often changes.  Should it be an EMIX element? - or is it part of energy interop, for example?



Edward G. Cazalet, Ph.D.

101 First Street, Suite 552

Los Altos, CA 94022


cell: 408-621-2772




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