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Subject: RE: [emix] NIST IENetP Test Tool


You should also check out OASIS CAM - http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/camprocessor

For schema development it now has an array of schema checking tools:

1) Naming and Design Rule compliance evaluation
2) Consistency checking between names and type definitions / restrictions
3) Renamer - can automatically fix issues in 1) and 2)
4) Create and compare to canonical dictionary
5) Blueprint and Expander using dictionary tools

5) is probably the most significant as it allows you to design and assemble schema from a dictionary of canonical core components (CCTS) dynamically.

I suspect that EMIX is likely to head toward that path - i.e. rather than trying to create Uber-Mega-Schema a la UBL - better to create message constructs - akin to LEXS / ULEXS / EDXL DE / CAP - where you have a message envelope and delivery / exchange mechanisms - and then let people fill these wrappers with components from the canonical dictionary to suit their needs.

Also of course - having ability to create canonical dictionary in the first place from a data model is huge - in terms of how the committee goes about deciding what goes in the messages in the first instance.

Thanks, DW

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Subject: Re: [emix] NIST IENetP Test Tool
From: Anne Hendry <ahendry@pacbell.net>
Date: Wed, March 31, 2010 1:55 pm
To: emix@lists.oasis-open.org

Speaking of tools, in terms of schema development support tools, there are some great tools at http://www.mel.nist.gov/msid/XML_testbed/tools.html.  For schema design and checking against design, UBL had a good experience using the Quality of Design (QOD) tool (http://www.mel.nist.gov/msid/XML_testbed/QOD.html).  It's configurable and well tested.  The web page lists organizations that have used it.  Betty Harvey, who collaborated on the development, would be willing to give us more information on this when we're ready.


David RR Webber (XML) wrote:
20100331061350.dc066b1d4d2e0a1a65719ae85a8071e6.149b1a0064.wbe@email.secureserver.net" type="cite">
FYI - not sure if everyone has seen this open source project:

Industrial Ethernet Network Performance (IENetP) Test Tool developed by the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST). This test tool determines the network performance of industrial devices using standardized metrics and tests.

Occurs to me this could be adapted for EMIX testing once the formal XML is gelling...?


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