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Subject: CAISO Product Definition

Here are examples of how the California ISO defines products (from our tariff available at http://www.caiso.com/27c3/27c3ead543ec0.pdf):
A Generating Unit offering Regulation must have the following operating characteristics and technical
(a) it must be capable of being controlled and monitored by the CAISO Energy
Management System (EMS) by means of the installation and use of a standard
CAISO direct communication and direct control system, a description of which
and criteria for any temporary exemption from which, the CAISO shall publish on
the CAISO Website;
(b) it must be capable of achieving at least the Ramp Rates (increase and decrease
in MW/minute) stated in its Bid for the full amount of Regulation capacity offered;
(c) the Regulation capacity offered must not exceed the maximum Ramp Rate
(MW/minute) of that unit times a value within a range from a minimum of ten (10)
minutes to a maximum of thirty (30) minutes, which value shall be specified by
the CAISO and published on the CAISO Website;
(d) the Generating Unit to CAISO Control Center telemetry must in a manner
meeting CAISO standards include indications of whether the Generating Unit is
on or off AGC at the Generating Unit terminal equipment;
(e) the Generating Unit must be capable of the full range of movement within the
amount of Regulation capability offered without manual Generating Unit operator
intervention of any kind; and
(f) each Participating Generator must ensure that the CAISO EMS control and
related SCADA equipment for its generating facility are operational throughout
the time period during which Regulation is required to be provided.
Spinning Reserve and Non-Spinning Reserve. Each provider of Spinning
Reserve or Non-Spinning Reserve must be capable of receiving a Dispatch
Instruction within one (1) minute from the time the CAISO Control Center elects
to Dispatch the Spinning Reserve resource or Non-Spinning Reserve resource
and must ensure that its resource can be at the Dispatched operating level within
ten (10) minutes after issue of the Dispatch Instruction;
Spinning Reserve and Non-Spinning Reserve Capability. Each Generating Unit
or external import of a System Resource scheduled to provide Spinning Reserve
and each resource providing Non-Spinning Reserve must be capable of
converting the full capacity reserved to Energy production within ten (10) minutes
after the issue of the Dispatch Instruction by the CAISO, and of maintaining that
output or scheduled Interchange for at least two (2) hours.
Sean Crimmins
Data Architect
Architecture and Systems Engineering
California ISO
Office (916) 608-5978
Cell    (916) 802-4803

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