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Subject: Re: [emix] WP/Note Outline bullets

Let's keep suggestions on this thread by replying to previous email messages.

Additional bullets:
  • Quote distribution and actionable information (use EI example)
  • Express day ahead price information
  • Express single block power (in a single interval)

William Cox
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Web: http://www.CoxSoftwareArchitects.com
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On 7/28/11 11:42 AM, Aaron Snyder wrote:
20F09414D2C12F49A460A931E4907FB78F1677CC1C@EXMAIL2.enernex.com" type="cite">

-recommended reading list (what does the reader also have to know to understand the spec)

-what is in emix/what does it do

-what is not in emix/what does it not do

-how does emix relate to ws-calendar/EI

-how does emix work with naesb, iec cim, irc, zigbee

-how does emix work with openadr, openade


Recommend using the TxTigerTeam as the composition or review team.



Aaron F. Snyder, Ph.D.

Principal Consultant


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f:  865.218.8999  //  e:  aaron@enernex.com



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