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Subject: IRC Comments


Attached are comments from the IRC.  The ability of the IRC members to accurately and completely evaluate the schemas to the processes which OASIS foresees the standards applicability is not possible.   Thus there are likely unknown concerns not found in the attachment.


While the discussion yesterday was appreciated, there is still great concern regarding the ability of the IRC members to utilize this standard in its current form.  Specifically the communications being based on a market known as TeMix, which does not adequately evaluate the requirements of the wholesale energy markets.  Our discussion that this was not the foundation is reiterated in section 2.2 that expresses the document is founded on transactional energy market, and not likely to be understood unless the concepts from TeMix are understood.  Further it states emix adopted TeMix terminology. 


The IRC also has repeatedly expressed the concerns with relabeling commonly understood market concepts into one type “options”.  This term is not understood by the IRC, its market participants and other utilities.  Further their customers (industrial and residential) who participate as aggregated Demand Response, Energy Storage, Fast Response Regulation, etc. would not readily understand this language, or the reason for changing the commonly understood terms.




Joshua H. Phillips

Sr. Policy Analyst

Demand Response / Smart Grid / Energy Efficiency / EPRI

ph: 501.688.1761

email: jphillips@spp.org


IRC_commentsEMIX CSD 03 r1.xlsx

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