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Subject: Methods of work on EMIX Notes


We've created a subfolder of Documents, called "Committee Notes". This is of course different from "Meeting Notes" which is where we keep minutes and other meeting-related stuff.

Committee Notes is ONLY for working drafts of notes, just as ""Standards" is only for working drafts of our work products,. Templates and discussions are in the Contributions folder. All templates are in http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/download.php/43706/CommitteeNotes-StarterKit.zip /

For each note:

wd01 is the note with any comments in the official template. You don't need to upload a PDF for wd01, but you should for each revision.

When you upload the template:
  • Upload the source file (.docx in the ZIP file) to Committee Notes
When you upload your first version (wd02) put it in Committee Notes as a REVISION to the previous version. Click Actions to the right of the line item, and select Add a Revision or go from Details.
  • First upload the source file (.doc, .docx, whatever)
  • Then upload the PDF with the same file title replacing the source document suffix/extension with .pdf AS A REVISION to the source file
Later working drafts:
  • First upload the source file as a REVISION to the previous revision
  • Then upload the PDF as a REVISION to the new source file
This lets us see only the most recent PDFs when we look in Committee Notes, without the clutter of previous versions and templates and so forth.

If you've already uploaded only the PDF, don't worry about it, but please do the .docx/whatever first for your next revision, then the PDF.


bill cox

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