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energyinterop-comment message

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Subject: Comment on Candidate OASIS Standard "Energy Interoperation v1"

Hi David, William, EnergyInterop TC members,


Congratulations on moving your spec to the Candidate standard stage of the process.


We are all faced as spec editors with the complex business of referencing other specifications, particularly those themselves under development.


Your candidate standard (and the CS that preceded it) makes extensive reference in section 1.8 to other OASIS works covering SOA – works for which I am one of the editors. In your section 1.8 introducing the grounding principles of SOA that form the basis of your work, there are a couple of minor errors in the cross-referencing and confusion between two distinct deliverables, the SOA Reference Model (SOA-RM, an OASIS Standard) and the Reference Architecture Foundation (SOA-RAF, currently a Committee Specification). I’m sorry that none of us noticed this earlier.


In addition, both deliverables, the SOA-RM and SOA-RAF can now be listed as normative references in section 1.2


Attached are a few inline edits that I would like you to take into consideration – I believe that they are “non-material changes” as they do not alter the sense of the text and can be handled by your TC as such. Please let me know if you have any questions.

For clarity, the edits appear at the following lines in the attached document: 63-65, 113-115, 256-257, 270-271, 281, 285,


Hope this helps.


Best regards,




Peter F Brown

Independent Consultant


”Using Information Technologies to Empower and Transform”

200 S Barrington Ave., #49719

Los Angeles, CA 90049, USA

Tel: +1.310.694.2278



Attachment: energyinterop-v1.0-cos01-SOA-RAF-edits_PFB.doc
Description: energyinterop-v1.0-cos01-SOA-RAF-edits_PFB.doc

Attachment: energyinterop-v1.0-cos01-SOA-RAF-edits_PFB.pdf
Description: energyinterop-v1.0-cos01-SOA-RAF-edits_PFB.pdf

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