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Subject: RE: [energyinterop] Groups - EI Proposed Actors (EI Proposed Actors.doc) uploaded

Hi David,

This is excellent and quite comprehensive. I know this document is the starting point but I just want to make sure I understand the reasoning behind your categorization. For instance, why would we have Load Generating Organization, Generation Operator, and Local Generation System? 

Secondly, in your view, do you think we should also come up with organizational use cases as well?

With kind regards,

Michel Kohanim, C.E.O
Universal Devices, Inc.

(p) 818.631.0333
(f) 818.708.0755

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From: davidcwilson@trane.com [mailto:davidcwilson@trane.com] 
Sent: Wednesday, September 02, 2009 5:02 PM
To: energyinterop@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [energyinterop] Groups - EI Proposed Actors (EI Proposed Actors.doc) uploaded

Hello All,

Please review and markup the linked document.

I took an action to make a strawman list of the actors that will make
appearances in our use cases.  I include at the bottom a cross-reference to
the OpenADR 1.0 actors/roles.

I have posted this document as a starting point for us to decide which
actors are imporant to us.  I aired on the side of including as many as I
could think of.

There is no pride of ownership here because this is a very rough strawman
to move us forward.  Please edit mercilessly.

Again, thank you for reviewing and commenting on/marking-up the attached
prior to next week's meeting. 


p.s. Note that you can use the OASIS document comment feature to make
overall comments.

p.p.s. Many thanks to the OpenADR contributors for their patience with us
as we disassemble & reassemble something that they worked on so

 -- Mr. David Wilson

The document named EI Proposed Actors (EI Proposed Actors.doc) has been
submitted by Mr. David Wilson to the OASIS Energy Interoperation TC
document repository.

Document Description:
A list of proposed actors for the Energyinterop specification. 

View Document Details:

Download Document:  

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the entire link address into the address field of your web browser.

-OASIS Open Administration

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