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Subject: DRRC DR Valuations Framework Paper.


On a related conversation on valuation of DR and related activities, I wanted to send the recently posted "Demand Response Valuation Frameworks Paper" report by DRRC. Please feel free to circulate the paper to anyone interested.

"This report provides an updated perspective on the DR valuation framework. It includes an introduction and four chapters that address the key elements of demand response valuation, a comprehensive literature review, and specific research recommendations."

Demand Response Valuation Frameworks Paper
Heffner, G. Global Energy Associates. DRRC Report. LBNL-2489E Collaborative Report. February 2009
Report: http://drrc.lbl.gov/pubs/lbnl-2489e.pdf
Related: http://drrc.lbl.gov/drrc-pubsall.html

Thank you!
Rish Ghatikar
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
1 Cyclotron Road, MS: 90-4000, Berkeley, CA 94720
GGhatikar@lbl.gov | +1 510.486.6768 | +1 510.486.6996 [fax]

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