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Subject: RE: DER at the NAESB-FIX tconf yesterday

It does make sense. You also highlighted one of the key issues of DER - islanding.

Under today's regulations (someone who knows more, correct me) a power source that loses connectivity should take itself off-line. The purpose of this is the safety of the linesman, who today can assume that after a storm, the downstream load is "not hot".

In a hypothetical world of DER and NZE and Microgrids, this is exactly wrong, and would make all failures cascading. Where do the safety issues fit in Energy Interoperation?


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It sounded to me that the participants rather cavalierly narrowed the scope of their work by excluding DER support of any generation which would be greater than the participant's load. In a b2g context, I could see that this would be a very common scenario.  A college campus could easily have excess generating capacity during the summer.  And photovoltaics could easily become a popular DER which could be supplied internally to the facility or externally, through a revenue-grade meter to the grid.  I would expect even the wholesale price of green electrons to be higher than the retail price for coal powered electrons.
No matter what, Grid Ops needs to tell the ESI to drop any energy supplied from the building to the grid when Maintenance is working on the wires.
I guess DER could be considered as just another part of the Generation Domain.  But it would be good to define it all in the same place and not divide the definition based on a rather opaque, distantly related, and dynamically changing parameter like current load through the meter.
Does this make sense?
B.O.  Sept. 18, 2009
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