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Subject: [Fwd: RE: Resolved/Revised PAP 3, 4, 9, 10 Attendee List]


This document is very important part of our work. Please review.

David and Bill -- We need to include this in agenda to discuss during a 
TC meeting as soon as everyone has read it.


-------- Original Message --------
Subject: 	RE: Resolved/Revised PAP 3, 4, 9, 10 Attendee List
Date: 	Wed, 30 Sep 2009 10:06:56 -0400
From: 	Booe, Jonathan <jbooe@naesb.org>
To: 	Stuart McCafferty <stuart@enernex.com>, djrogier@aep.com, 
rrlowe@aep.com, mwilliams@aham.org, david.nemirow@baesystems.com, 
ralph.martinez@baesystems.com, ed@cazalet.com, jimlee@cimetrics.com, 
herbst@cisco.com, mkgillmore@cmsenergy.com, waynelongcore@cmsenergy.com, 
wtcox@coxsoftwarearchitects.com, garystuebing@duke-energy.com, 
jhopkins@eei.org, skip.ashton@ember.com, "Erich W. Gunther" 
<erich@enernex.com>, Vishant Shah <vishant@enernex.com>, 
jhughes@epri.com, ray.palmer@ferc.gov, wible@fiatech.org, 
charlesr.smith@ge.com, robby.simpson@ge.com, 
david.kaufman@honeywell.com, soumitri.kolavennu@honeywell.com, 
burnsmarty@aol.com, michael.stuber@itron.com, rcc@jennic.com, 
GGhatikar@lbl.gov, jeremy@lonmark.org, mark.ryland@microsoft.com, 
ogg@bc-law.net, Rae Mcquade <rmcquade@naesb.org>, paul.molitor@nema.org, 
pau_orr@nema.org, brent.struthers@neustar.biz, david.holmberg@nist.gov, 
david.wollman@nist.gov, dean.prochaska@nist.gov, fitzpa@nist.gov, 
robert.saint@nreca.coop, paul.mccurley@nreca.coop, 
jamie.clark@oasis-open.org, ali.ipakchi@oati.com, 
nelson.muller@oati.net, charlotte.legates@oracle.com, 
khurst@ostp.eop.gov, CxKq@pge.com, d.sturek@att.net, zxm1@pge.com, 
bhodges@reliant.com, szablyal@saic.com, jeremy.mcdonald@sce.com, 
chadclinton@smartgridtoday.com, toby.considine@gmail.com, 
dmollerstuen@tendrilinc.com, jzhou@xtensible.net, trichardson@zigbee.org
References: 	<BA4910EA6899A74F9FBA807CA69197B0A034FE@exmail.enernex.com>

All – Please find below a link to the NAESB Smart Grid Task Force 
“Framework for Integrated DR and DER Models - Draft v1.0 - 9/25/09 
<http://www.naesb.org/../pdf4/smart_grid_ssd100109w1.doc>” discussed 
during the meeting.


Thank you,


Jonathan Booe

Staff Attorney

North American Energy Standards Board

1301 Fannin, Suite 2350

Houston, Texas 77002

(713) 356-0060 - office

(281) 642-3912 - cell

jbooe@naesb.org <mailto:jbooe@naesb.org>


*From:* Stuart McCafferty [mailto:stuart@enernex.com]
*Sent:* Wednesday, September 30, 2009 8:58 AM
*To:* djrogier@aep.com; rrlowe@aep.com; mwilliams@aham.org; 
david.nemirow@baesystems.com; ralph.martinez@baesystems.com; 
ed@cazalet.com; jimlee@cimetrics.com; herbst@cisco.com; 
mkgillmore@cmsenergy.com; waynelongcore@cmsenergy.com; 
wtcox@coxsoftwarearchitects.com; garystuebing@duke-energy.com; 
jhopkins@eei.org; skip.ashton@ember.com; Erich W. Gunther; Stuart 
McCafferty; Vishant Shah; jhughes@epri.com; ray.palmer@ferc.gov; 
wible@fiatech.org; charlesr.smith@ge.com; robby.simpson@ge.com; 
david.kaufman@honeywell.com; soumitri.kolavennu@honeywell.com; 
burnsmarty@aol.com; michael.stuber@itron.com; rcc@jennic.com; 
GGhatikar@lbl.gov; jeremy@lonmark.org; mark.ryland@microsoft.com; 
ogg@bc-law.net; Booe, Jonathan; Rae Mcquade; paul.molitor@nema.org; 
pau_orr@nema.org; brent.struthers@neustar.biz; david.holmberg@nist.gov; 
david.wollman@nist.gov; dean.prochaska@nist.gov; fitzpa@nist.gov; 
robert.saint@nreca.coop; paul.mccurley@nreca.coop; 
jamie.clark@oasis-open.org; ali.ipakchi@oati.com; 
nelson.muller@oati.net; charlotte.legates@oracle.com; 
khurst@ostp.eop.gov; CxKq@pge.com; d.sturek@att.net; zxm1@pge.com; 
bhodges@reliant.com; szablyal@saic.com; jeremy.mcdonald@sce.com; 
chadclinton@smartgridtoday.com; toby.considine@gmail.com; 
dmollerstuen@tendrilinc.com; jzhou@xtensible.net; trichardson@zigbee.org
*Subject:* Resolved/Revised PAP 3, 4, 9, 10 Attendee List


Had several bounces from my first email and have made corrections. Some 
of you need to print more legibly! J Anyway, I think we have the 
complete list of people in the room. This list does not include people 
who called in. If I can get some of those contact details, I'll send out 
a final revision.


Stuart McCafferty

Managing Consultant, PMP®


o: 256.837.5366

c: 256.679.1134

Rish Ghatikar
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
1 Cyclotron Road, MS: 90-3111, Berkeley, CA 94720
GGhatikar@lbl.gov | +1 510.486.6768 | +1 510.486.4089 [fax]

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you are not the intended recipient, please contact the sender as soon as 
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