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Subject: RE: [energyinterop] RE: Signal Types

I think this quote I extracted from one of Ed's comment in the chain is, perhaps, foundational.


"Having a device communicate its response back between the domains is of little value unless the trust in the response is equivalent to that of a sub meter in that the response can be used for billing."  Ed Cazalet


If you look at the costs involved to having a device equal a revenue grade AMI meter in reliability, security, and be abile to maintain the verification of the response, will it have a valid cost/benefit for anything but very large loads?  


The other buring question is, can it be spoofed for financial gain?  The ATTACHED IMAGE IS A SPOOF sent to me from a friend. But it makes an obvious point.  The position is that a DR should be verifiable and impact standard energy measurment and billing methods.  Otherwise it’s success and verification may always be in question.







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