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Subject: RE: [energyinterop] RE: Signal Types

The utilities I talk to think they can do theft detection well enough.  I believe the revenue meter on the side of the house is involved—but they clearly don’t want to tell me more.  They’ve been doing theft detection for a long time.


I expect utilities to only offer incentives for retail DR programs where they can assure themselves, well enough, that the consumer has upheld his side of the bargain. 


The utilities have gone to great lengths to authenticate the ESI and the thermostat or pool pump control device.  It fits in 128 KB of Flash on an 8 bit processor, though they use ECC in order to keep the keys and certificates small.  Plus they use ECC to reduce the bits on the slow wire from the meter to the head end.


I’m not convinced they can do theft detection, other than in a gross sort of way, via the meter.  Like the people driving back from Canada with a high-flow toilet in the trunk of their car shortly after the low-flow toilets were mandated in the US, I keep envisioning people returning to L.A. from a gambling junket in Las Vegas and stopping at a Home Depot in Nevada to pick up a regular programmable thermostat to wire in parallel the Air Conditioning terminals on the PCT.



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From: Horst, Gale [mailto:ghorst@epri.com]
Sent: Friday, December 18, 2009 8:41 AM
To: Edward Koch; energyinterop@lists.oasis-open.org; ed@cazalet.com
Subject: RE: [energyinterop] RE: Signal Types


I think this quote I extracted from one of Ed's comment in the chain is, perhaps, foundational.


"Having a device communicate its response back between the domains is of little value unless the trust in the response is equivalent to that of a sub meter in that the response can be used for billing."  Ed Cazalet


If you look at the costs involved to having a device equal a revenue grade AMI meter in reliability, security, and be abile to maintain the verification of the response, will it have a valid cost/benefit for anything but very large loads?  


The other buring question is, can it be spoofed for financial gain?  The ATTACHED IMAGE IS A SPOOF sent to me from a friend. But it makes an obvious point.  The position is that a DR should be verifiable and impact standard energy measurment and billing methods.  Otherwise it’s success and verification may always be in question.







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