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Subject: OASIS Blue -- Call for Program Committee Members for ConnectivityWeek Event


Dear OASIS Blue Members,


We have a great opportunity to promote our OASIS Blue work at the upcoming ConnectivityWeek event.  We are in the process of putting together our program committee for the event.  It is our hope that the committee will consist of at least four OASIS Blue Members.  Below are a few details regarding the program committee commitment, as well as the ConnectivityWeek event.   Please review all the information and let me know if anyone is interested or if you have questions.   


Kind regards, Jane



Event Details:


ConnectivityWeek and OASIS Blue Connect Track(s)

Santa Clara • May 24-27, 2010



    • Space available for a two-day OASIS Blue Connect Track – Tuesday, 25 May and Wednesday, 26 May



    • Meeting space is also available for technical and steering committee meetings, recommending Thursday, 27 May
    •  Exhibit space is an option at this venue – if the group would like to pursue a show floor demonstration or recruitment


Program Committee Commitment:

Program committee duties include: 

·         participating on weekly conference calls (throughout Feb & early March)

·         assisting with the development of the program content

·         recommending speakers

·         and helping to confirm speakers

(Note:  An OASIS staff person will work directly with the committee throughout the planning process.)

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