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Subject: FW: OpenADR Taskforce update and meeting schedule -http://www.doodle.com/2t8u2seuankgbtn5

Enclosed is an email that went out over the weekend that may be of interest to people in this TC.



-ed koch



From: Edward Koch
Sent: Sunday, February 14, 2010 11:26 AM
Subject: OpenADR Taskforce update and meeting schedule - http://www.doodle.com/2t8u2seuankgbtn5




Please find enclosed a summary from our face to face meetings last week in San Francisco.


As everyone is aware we have been concentrating our resources over the last few months on supporting the NAESB requirements document as part of PAP 09.  As the NAESB document is near completion we are entering a new phase of effort - development of System Requirements Specification (SRS). 


At our face to face meetings last week we had an opportunity to discuss what the scope and objectives of our SRS development will be. We decided that we will focus much of our efforts on OpenADR based data requirements, but will also be working on the data requirements of DR as a whole and putting effort into insuring that the requirements for AMI and SEP are also consistent and harmonized so that there is a single consistent view of all DR resources from the Utility operations perspective, whether they rely on AMI, Internet, SEP or OpenADR as the basis for their interactions.  While there are a number of organizations that are working on interactions and standards for DR within their specific domains, this taskforce is uniquely positioned to try and harmonize the various efforts so that there is a single consistent view of DR from the Utilities perspective. Please find enclosed a diagram that illustrates this concept.


The data requirements will utilize CIM where appropriate models exist and create extensions where needed. Given that many organizations such as NAESB, Zigbee/Homeplug, OASIS, etc. are currently working on various aspects of DR interactions we will attempt to maintain some level of consistency with their efforts with the hope that the output from this group will be applicable to as wide an audience as possible. The goal is for this work to be substantially completed within a few months and contributed to a number of organizations including NAESB, OASIS, Zigbee/Homeplug, etc.


If you have been dormant or simply just observing the activities of this taskforce waiting for the right time to get involved, now is the time. We will begin having bi-weekly conference calls starting the week of February 22nd.  Please go to the following link and pick the times in which you are available.  Remember that this will be a regular bi-weekly meeting.




We will send out more details as they become available. Our main channel of communications for this effort is through the UCAIug OpenADR taskforce mailing list.  If you are not already on that mailing list please go to the following url and sign up.









Albert Chiu

Ed Koch


UCAIug OpenADR Synopsis for San Francisco Meetings020410.pdf

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