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Subject: FW: DOE NARUC National Electricity Forum review

Many recent conversations in each of these groups have boiled down to “but what does the pricing look like today?“


If you are interested, background in link below…




"If something is not worth doing, it`s not worth doing well" - Peter Drucker

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From: b2g_interop@nist.gov [mailto:b2g_interop@nist.gov] On Behalf Of Brooks, Richard
Sent: Friday, February 19, 2010 9:37 AM
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Subject: RE: DOE NARUC National Electricity Forum review




Thanks for the synopsis.


Regarding your question: Does anyone know where to find data on where dynamic pricing tariffs are being offered today?


There is some information in the latest FERC DR Assessment that you might find useful.





Dick Brooks

ISO New England

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From: b2g_interop@nist.gov [mailto:b2g_interop@nist.gov] On Behalf Of Holmberg, David
Sent: Thursday, February 18, 2010 5:58 PM
To: Multiple recipients of list
Subject: DOE NARUC National Electricity Forum review




A summary of my take-aways, application to B2G and a few questions.


1.       First, this was primarily a regulators ( NARUC) conference, but the speakers included utility CEOs, policy wonks, Fed and state agency leaders, as well as regulators.

2.       Some big themes:

o   Regulators get the need for real value signals to the customer, but they can’t move much faster than legislative mandates or the willingness of the consumer demanding it. But lots of motion in the right direction.

o   Lots of calls for national leadership on energy and climate—clear signals would help reduce risk in grid re-development, market development, generation development, etc. Calls for other legislative action as well that would tackle market barriers like the split-incentive problem in tenant facilities.

o   Carbon-valuation is assumed certain. Clean energy is the trend that is assumed for resource planning.

o   Agreement that energy efficiency is the first and best play for clean energy: low risk, low investment, zero-carbon, distributed, and puts equity into the hands of the consumer. Acknowledge it is not easy to make happen but agreed they have to try harder.

o   Markets and regulation—has to be hybrid in the end.

o   Wellinghoff mentioned the PJM PEV pilot where cars are providing regulation service to PJM at the wholesale level, as an example of an income stream apart from regulated tariffs for the consumer. Maybe there will be more opportunities like that where the utility is left out of the equation. Opportunities working with the aggregators.

o   There is a tremendous amount of collaborative discussion going on—between regulators state to state, between gov’t agencies, and between organizations.

o   This gathering was rather transfixed on the residential consumer. DR is about DSM as they see it. However, there was hope expressed in seeing the positive results of residential pricing pilots produce momentum in legislation toward dynamic prices.

3.       For B2G, my thots:

o   The carbon issue is not going away. Facilities should think about carbon reduction in addition to energy cost reduction.

o   OASIS EI and EMIX are doing the right things

o   It’s a slow process to move from a regulated industry to a more free market price driven smart grid. The whole mass of the grid with all stakeholders have to collectively transform. There will always be a place for regulations to make sure we get to the as-yet-not-clear desired end goals (like maybe demanding more energy efficient facilities or clean generation, low pollution, etc.)


Questions for the group:

1.       Does anyone know where to find data on where dynamic pricing tariffs are being offered today?

2.       I heard that LBL was represented and OpenADR discussed at the Smart Grid Collaborative meeting preceding this Forum. Mary Ann—were you there, and what was the nature of the discussion and how does NARUC see OpenADR and their role in addressing large customer DR?


Comments and discussion welcome!


David Holmberg

NIST Building and Fire Research Lab



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