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Subject: WS-Calendar: Reminder of First Meeting and Webinar Download

A recording of last Friday's webinar on WS-Calendar is now available. You
are invited to download this presentation to learn more about the new effort
to standardize the communication of schedule and interval information for
Web services.



WS-Calendar will address needs common to the enterprise, to facilities
operations, to financial instruments, and to Smart Grid operations. The
webinar explains the advantages of defining a standard information model for
use in Web services communications within and between domains.

The first meeting of the OASIS WS-Calendar Technical Committee will be via
teleconference on Friday, 26 Feb. You must be a member of the Committee to
attend this meeting. To join, go to
http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/ws-calendar/ (you'll be
prompted for your OASIS id/password) and select the "Join group" link.

The links below provide details on the WS-Calendar technical agenda.


** References **

OASIS WS-Calendar Technical Committee

Cover Pages: WS-Calendar Overview

iCalendar XML Representation


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Senior Director
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