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Subject: Re: [energyinterop] Is silence consent?

We need a bit more information/definition for consent. My comments are below in bold.

On 3/1/2010 5:54 AM, Toby Considine wrote:
035e01cab946$bd8798b0$3896ca10$@gmail.com" type="cite">

No comments on the proposal to re-cast enegyinterop into


(1)    Contracts offered, executed, mandatory (DR) -  This covers price and reliability-based DR programs and basically any time the  demand side  signs an agreement with the supply side

(2)    Bidding -  THis covers anytime the customer bids into the market.  It requires that we know what is available from the demand side and at what price.  

(2a) Block bidding  - Not sure what this is or why this is singled out...

(3)    Price Look-ahead  - Is this the representation of prices in the next hour or next day.

How about emergency situations? Is it under (1)?

035e01cab946$bd8798b0$3896ca10$@gmail.com" type="cite">


Is this all the services? Is #3really pert of EMIX?


Separate specifications for instantiations of energyinterop

-          WS

-          FIX

-          CAP


With this group probably only doing (1). (Note: CAP is inherently a partial set of services, and is already used in soma CA markets, so hat one might be straightforward)




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