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Subject: DR Program Terms

Can someone share some information on how current DR programs are structured contractually?
For example, if I am a utility customer and I enroll in a “Base Interruptible Program”, how is that enrollment formalized?  Do I sign a program enrollment form, contract addendum, separate contract?
Do the terms of these programs typically indicate that the utility is not actually under any legal obligation to pay for load reduction?
The thought occurred to me because I just learned how banks are very specific that checking account overdraft protection is typically a “non contractual courtesy” (see Google search) because otherwise it would be regulated.  It made me wonder if utilities/ISO’s few commercial building DR in a similar way.
David Wilson
Enterprise Solutions Portfolio Manager
Trane Commercial Systems
Ingersoll Rand
Office: +1.651.407.4168
Mobile: +1.612.741.2759
Email: davidcwilson@trane.com

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