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energyinterop message

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Subject: Action items from last weeks EI call

Two things stand out reviewing the minutes from last week’s EI meeting:

1.       We discussed how to communicate price and there was the question of whether we allow additions to price, price multiples, versus simply the price, and the question of what needs to be known on both ends for each of these (and maybe more than these), and Ed Koch was going to start an email thread on this to address what is appropriate and why.

2.       We discussed the place in EI of the program services in OpenADR, and Bill was going to start a discussion on this topic. The gist of the discussion, I think, was that we don’t need/want it in the long run, but might need it in the short run. On the other hand I think we can’t address this in EI 1.0 (I thought we agreed), so then we just use a Program Identifier in EI.


Feedback and more thoughts needed.




David Holmberg

NIST Building and Fire Research Lab



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