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Subject: RE: [energyinterop] Time and Date and Scope

What is the scope of eMIX?  Is eMIX an abstract price and product definition information model or is it an information model for a priced offer and a transaction, for example.  If eMIX models only price and product definition then offer availability ( your question 1), execution interval (your question 2) are part of Energy Interop.  Otherwise, if eMIX models priced offers and transactions then these attributes are part of eMIX.


With respect to question 3), I can post offers to buy at 15 min intervals or multiples of 15 min intervals.  I can also choose to ignore an offer to me that do not fit my 15 min rule.  If I use non-standard interval definitions I may get no offers or acceptances of offers in which case the power I buy or sell is transacted in the imbalance market at the resolution of my meter and the imbalance market intervals.  Where to put standardize interval definitions gets back to the question of what is the scope of eMIX?


Your suggested answer to question 4) seems to conclude that eMIX should model bids or offers.


As I think priced offers and transactions are at the heart of any implementation in Energy Interop, then priced offer and transactions could be central focus of eMIX.  What are the other applications of eMIX price and product definitions? 




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From: Toby Considine [mailto:tobyconsidine@gmail.com] On Behalf Of Toby Considine
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Subject: [energyinterop] Time and Date and Scope


I may  offer to provide power with certain attributes any time.

I may offer to provide power with certain attributes for the next 3 weeks to sell my on-site generation during the annual maintenance period for my chemical processing plant.


1)      When I put an offer out on the street, I may accept bids for the 24 hours. That is a market detail that is not part of the underlying offering. Definitiel not part of EMIOX. Is it part of Energy Interop?


2)      I may take several hours after bid closing to “fit” the bids before execution. That pre-announced execution date (bid opening?) is a market detail that is not part of EMIX. Is it part of Energy Interop?


3)      I may want to specify that I will accept only committed bids for intervals at a granularity of at least at least 15 minutes, or multiples of 15 minutes (which is not the same).  I think that those facts are probably part of EMIX. Icould accept arguments that they are part of Energy Interop.


4)      There are markets where the entire window of availability must be bid alongside individual calls against that availability. This describes certain DR markets as well as that chemical plant above. I think the window of availability is part of EMIX or EnergyInterop. I tend toward the former, but I could be convinced otherwise.


Please discuss on the list, with an answer for each.





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