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energyinterop message

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Subject: Re-org of EI section 2

I had proposed (and not yet done in WD11) the following:


2.1 might be the Vision section that lays out why we need this standard and how it fits in the Transactive and Collaborative energy approach and has sub sections for collab and transactive energy. This section might include parts of the current section 2.3. The arch vision part of current 2.3 could go to sect 4. The SOA part of current 2.3 can go

2.2 then is requirements with a sub-section for NAESB, and sub-section for what is out of the NIST Framework and any other sources

2.3 is scope, and we need a clear picture/presentation of the idea of market interaction context with DR as one set of information elements or one subset of messages (that also should be summarized in section 1 intro) with ref to section 3 for the details.

I think the current 2.4 and 2.6 need to shrink to a paragraph each in new 2.1.x, and they can reference white papers. 2.5 is important. The approach is important, but in sect 2? Not sure.

Current 2.8 goes to requirements section. Sounds like PAP10 material.


David Holmberg

NIST Building and Fire Research Lab



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