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energyinterop message

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Subject: Follow up from Wed 4/6 EITC meeting

EITC all,


Just want to thank those working hard on addressing Jira issues and schema refactoring/refinement. I want to highlight the work items and timeline from our discussion:

·         The OpenADR team (Ed, Bruce, Gerry, Rish) are working on reviewing the OpenADR profile service schemas.

o   Need to complete refactoring review including EiQuote, EiEvent schedules, review of whole set of services.

o   Need WSDL’s

o   Need to work through the response scenarios (Gerry’s MEP table)

o   Bill Cox took the action to add demand bidding to EiEvent.

·         Our goal for next Wednesday is to have a draft that addresses the issues we've cleared so we can move forward to a potential PR draft the week after.

·         Still need examples fleshed out. Which ones? Who’s working on them? I hope to work with Marty Burns on the EI—SEP mapping.

·         Other Jira issues that need special attention?





David Holmberg

NIST Engineering Laboratory



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C.S. Lewis, The Silver Chair


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