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Subject: RE: EI feedback

Great catch, Dave.


Constellation was asking for similar things back in 2008, but somehow it got lost in the avalanche of official SG requests. It may have even made it into the TC formation seminar, never to be seen again.


The closest to this that we have now is


            <!-- 4.3.1 Offer Segment elements  -->

            <xs:element name="offerCurve" type="resource:OfferCurveType" substitutionGroup="emix:baseRequirement"/>

            <xs:complexType name="OfferCurveType" mixed="false">


                                    <xs:documentation>Type of a collection of Offer Segments used to compute cost requirements across a range of power.</xs:documentation>


                        <xs:complexContent mixed="false">

                                    <xs:extension base="emix:BaseRequirementType">


                                                            <xs:element name="offerSegment" type="resource:OfferSegmentType" maxOccurs="unbounded"/>





            <xs:element name="offerSegment" type="resource:OfferSegmentType"/>

            <xs:complexType name="OfferSegmentType">


                                    <xs:documentation> Type of Marginal offer for Power within a range. Marginal costs must be computed within the context of a range of segments as conformed by the Offer Type</xs:documentation>



                                    <xs:element ref="emix:price"/>

                                    <xs:element ref="emix:quantity"/>

                                    <xs:element ref="power:powerItem"/>

                                    <xs:element ref="emix:integralOnly"/>





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From: Holmberg, David [mailto:david.holmberg@nist.gov]
Sent: Friday, April 29, 2011 9:27 AM
To: 'Gowri, Krishnan'; energyinterop@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [energyinterop] EI feedback


Just a note—I was looking at a recent PJM white paper on price responsive demand:



PJM is stressed about not being able to correctly model price responsive demand (PRD) and thus wants info back from the customer. From page 11-12 I quote (and have highlighted what they expect from the facility). This is the only place I know where I have seen written down a request for feedback in some format. The PRD Provider would be someone like an ESP or CSP.


“In real-time operations, it is essential to understand how much energy will be consumed at or above various prices so that PJM can send out the proper price and dispatch signals to market participants to maintain energy balance and reliability. Without this information PJM may be in a position of ―over- or under-dispatching resources, rather than dispatching the amount necessary to maintain energy balance. The PRD curves submitted by the PRD Provider, which include price-quantity pairs, enable short-term load forecasting to account for reactions to dynamic retail rates. The below figure illustrates what such a PRD curve might look like. PJM Staff Whitepaper Price Responsive Demand March 3, 2011 DOCS# 591114 PJM © 2011 Page 12




David Holmberg

NIST Engineering Laboratory




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