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energyinterop message

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Subject: Two electronic ballots posted -- Transport Protocol Binding document updated approval

All members will receive soon (or may have already received) two ballots. These will have a link to each ballot, or go to the TC member page and click ballots and filter for votable ballots.

Rather than have a meeting for the sole purpose of voting the amended Transport Protocol Bindings specification (there were format and content issues with the previously approved version, raised by the TC Administrator), we will do this with two electronic ballots. Other than wording to fit the Ballot template, these are the same motions we approved at the April meeting except for the URI to the updated package.

As usual, a Full Majority (majority of all voting members) are required to approve.

The second ballot for Public Review is contingent on the first ballot passing, so please vote on both as soon as you can. The ballot is open until Wednesday, May 16, at 11:59pm EDT.

The voting list is all voting members of the TC as of today; please send me email if you aren't on the list and should be,or vice versa.

Any other questions or issues to the list, please.


bill cox
William Cox
Email: wtcox@CoxSoftwareArchitects.com
Web: http://www.CoxSoftwareArchitects.com
+1 862 485 3696 mobile
+1 908 277 3460 fax

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