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energyinterop message

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Subject: Groups - energyinterop-1-0-spec-wd39-with-changes-wd38.pdf uploaded

Submitter's message
This is the posting of all non-substantive changes per Chairs' recent emails. Review as soon as you can because a vote will start soon to approve these non-substantive changes.

This is the PDF of changes only for those who do not want to download the larger zip
-- Toby Considine
Document Name: energyinterop-1-0-spec-wd39-with-changes-wd38.pdf

Miscellaneous non-substantive editorial issues raised by Chairs (Holmberg,
Cox) in email and by Gray in Jira, including
- Consistent capitalization
- Minor punctuation
- A few sentences in which the words ?Buyer? and ?Seller? were reversed
- Modified Reports section to use same Header Levels consistent with the
rest of the document
- In Reports section, UML graphic summarizing all service messages was in
the middle of the chapter; in all other sections, the comparable graphic
was at the end. Graphic (and associated header) was moved to match all
other sections.
- Updated some references, added missing reference to UML
Last Committee Spec was based on WD38. PDF attached shows difference
between this version (WD39) and WD38.
Download Latest Revision
Public Download Link

Submitter: Toby Considine
Group: OASIS Energy Interoperation TC
Folder: Standards
Date submitted: 2013-11-12 09:37:25

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