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Subject: Energy Interoperation Version 1.0 approved and published as Committee Specification 03

OASIS Members,

We are pleased to announce the approval and publication of a new Committee Specification by the members of the OASIS Energy Interoperation TC:

Energy Interoperation Version 1.0
Committee Specification 03
02 December 2013


Energy Interoperation describes an information model and a communication model to enable collaborative and transactive use of energy, service definitions consistent with the OASIS SOA Reference Model, and XML vocabularies for the interoperable and standard exchange of:
·    Dynamic price signals
·    Reliability signals
·    Emergency signals
·    Communication of market participation information such as bids
·    Load predictability and generation information
This work facilitates enterprise interaction with energy markets, which:
·    Allows effective response to emergency and reliability events
·    Allows taking advantage of lower energy costs by deferring or accelerating usage
·    Enables trading of curtailment and generation
·    Supports symmetry of interaction between providers and consumers of energy
·    Provides for aggregation of provision, curtailment, and use
The definition of a price and of reliability information depends on the market context in which it exists. It is not in scope for this TC to define specifications for markets or for pricing models, but the TC has coordinated with others to ensure that commonly used market and pricing models are supported.
While this specification uses Web Services to describe the services, no requirement or expectation of specific messaging implementation is assumed.
The specification names three profiles, OpenADR 2.0, Price Distribution, and Transactive Energy, which call out subsets of the specification for particular purposes.

TC Description:

All work of the OASIS Energy Interoperation Technical Committee (TC) is publicly visible through the TC's home page at http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/energyinterop/, including all correspondence and prior drafts.

The committee includes members representing Independent System Operators and Regional Transmission Operators as well as the ISO/RTO Council, Utilities, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories, building automation standards, market communication, schedule communication, electronic commerce (B2B) and software architecture experts and more.

The work of this committee is built in part on contributions of Requirements for Demand Response PAP09 (NAESB), OpenADR 1.0 (LBL), and business information requirements (IRC) as well as substantial contributions from members of the OpenADR Alliance.

The prose specification and related files are available here:

PDF  (Authoritative):


Editable source:

Additional artifacts: 
XML schemas: 
WSDL files: 

Full list of Committee Specification components: http://docs.oasis-open.org/energyinterop/ei/v1.0/cs03/energyinterop-v1.0-cs03-manifest.txt

Distribution ZIP files

For your convenience, OASIS provides a complete package of each prose specification and related files in a ZIP distribution file. You can download the ZIP file here:


Members of the OASIS Energy Interoperation Technical Committee [1] requested a Special Majority Vote to approve this specification as a Committee Specification. The specification had been released for public review as required by the TC Process [2]. The vote to approve as a Committee Specification passed [3], and the approved CS03 is now available online in the OASIS Library as referenced above.

Our congratulations to the TC on achieving this milestone. 

========== Additional references:

[1] OASIS Energy Interoperation TC

[2] Public reviews: 
15-day public review, 12 January 2012: http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/tc-announce/201201/msg00002.html
15-day public review, 17 November 2011: http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/tc-announce/201111/msg00005.html
15-day public review, 10 August 2011: http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/tc-announce/201108/msg00005.html
30-day public review, 27 November 2010: http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/tc-announce/201011/msg00014.html

This Committee Specification contains changes made since its last public review. The changes made are documented in http://docs.oasis-open.org/energyinterop/ei/v1.0/cs03/energyinterop-v1.0-cs03-diff.pdf. The TC judges these changes to be Non-Material Changes in accordance with the definition in the OASIS TC Process (http://www.oasis-open.org/policies-guidelines/tc-process#dNonmaterialChange).

[3] Approval ballot: 
Best regards,
Paul Knight  - Tel: +1 781-861-1013
OASIS - Advancing open standards for the information society
Document Process Analyst

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