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energyinterop message

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Subject: Groups - 118_46e_CD.pdf uploaded

Submitter's message
Three documents from IEC for the EITC's use; I'm directly uploading this contribution because the email list will not accept such a large attachment.

This is the reviewed Committee Draft of EI containing Energy Interoperation OASIS Standard PDF, 2 page cover letter, and 8 page Liaison Statement and Submission.

bill cox
-- William Cox
Document Name: 118_46e_CD.pdf

IEC Document 118/46e/CD 20141226.


Cover pages (2pp)
Liaison Statement and Submission (8pp)
Energy Interoperation 1.0 OASIS Standard (identical to the PDF
authoritative version)

This is supplied under the IEC-OASIS liaison agreements.
Download Latest Revision
Public Download Link

Submitter: William Cox
Group: OASIS Energy Interoperation TC
Folder: Contributions
Date submitted: 2015-03-04 07:27:51

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