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Subject: OASIS EITC meeting Jan 27

Greetings Energy Interoperation TC members,

EITC has received a new submission from the Energy Mashup Lab—a draft specification for the Common Transactive Services (https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/energyinterop-comment/202012/msg00000.html).

The Common Transactive Services (CTS) was initially defined as part of the NIST Transactive Energy Challenge in 2016 and has since been developed as open source code with funding from NIST to be used in the NIST TE Testbed. CTS is a streamlined and simplified profile of EI. It allows actor interaction with any market, defining a technology-agnostic interface to enable accelerated market development of transactive technologies.

The two EITC co-chairs (Bill Cox and myself) would like to hold an EITC meeting on Jan 27, Wed 11am ET to update status and consider required work efforts. We will propose that EITC advance the submitted CTS draft to OASIS committee specification status with modifications per EITC input and a goal for publication in 2021. Bill will send out a meeting invite. Please let us know if you are available and can join the meeting.

It's been some time since our last meeting. To be a voting member at this coming meeting send an email to the chairs requesting a status change. In general, voting member status is based on regular participation.




David Holmberg

NIST Engineering Lab, Energy and Environment Division

301-529-4348 (cell)


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