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energyinterop message

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Subject: Homework before next meeting

It is clear that there are some engaging issues on the content of each message payload.

It is more clear that unless we agree to the purpose of each set of messages, we are not going to address those engaging issues.

I have added two tables to the most recent draft (WD03). Because I was not watching closely, these appear at Table 1 and Table 2 (instead of 2-1 and 2-2) -- but that is a problem for WD04.

Table 1 summarizes what we have talked about for several meetings--I do not expect much controversy there. There is still a new term in Table 1 (Marketplace)

Table 2 is the vocabulary for the essential actions of a CTS-based market. All handshaking is absent. Because discussions of these actions often reference each other by name, the rest of the document will be much clearer if these are correct. 

Please be ready to (1) validate Table 1 and (2) dive into a deep discussion of Table 2 at the next meeting. That deep discussion will inform all the choices made on specific elements in the messages, and enable that work to go more quickly.


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