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Subject: Customer ID

In the latest WD we have PartyID (and an MPartyID for the market ID to use when the market is the counterparty), but we don’t have a customer ID do we?


I am thinking of the use case where we have multiple smart actors behind a single meter. In the residential case, we might have the NEST smart thermostat and the EV charger that is managed by Tesla. Maybe both NEST and Tesla bid for power in the local market to meet customer requirements at lowest cost. They have separate PartyIDs. At the same time, there is a House Agent that needs to buy power for all the uncontrolled loads in the house. But there is only one meter. Ideally the House Agent can track the power purchases of NEST and Tesla on behalf of its sub-loads which would provide the equivalent of sub-meters on those loads and allow the House Agent to more clearly track the uncontrolled loads. But do we have some ID that ties these all together, like a CustomerID? Or is this use case solved some other way?


David Holmberg, PhD

Mechanical Systems and Controls Group

Building Energy and Environment Division

NIST Engineering Laboratory

301-529-4348 (cell)


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