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Subject: Some more issues

Thinking about some issues that I do not know whether they are settled or not.

  1. Representing inflexible load
  2. Positive/negative vs. buy/sell
  3. Managing distribution charges


For (1), it seems useful to be able to tag a tender with “price doesn’t matter”, or “market price” or something. Whatever it costs, I’ll pay. My load is inflexible. Having such a tag would make it easier to aggregate inflexible loads versus having a tender with different tenders large or larger or 0 or negative (depending on market design) when the intended meaning is the same.


For (2), Bill’s answer today was that we want to mesh with financial markets terminology. And this is also what already exists in EI. Don’s comment was that aggregation is simpler if we don’t have to read 2 different fields (quantity and Side) before we can add amounts. Oh, well—sorry.


For (3), I know we have discussed this in times past. I vaguely remember saying that market prices should be “all in”, which is to say, including transport, fees, etc. But does the market know all that? And what if distribution fees are dependent on congestion in real-time? How to implement this in real life?




David Holmberg, PhD

Mechanical Systems and Controls Group

Building Energy and Environment Division

NIST Engineering Laboratory

301-529-4348 (cell)


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