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Subject: [entity-resolution-comment] XML Catalog DTD: FPI Request

Dear Committee Members,

The non-normative dtd for XML catalogs that's embedded in the spec &
is at the URL:


doesn't have a Formal Public Identifier. 

Can your committee please provide one? 

I'd like to package the dtd and spec for debian, but would prefer to
be able to use something like:

     -//OASIS//DTD Entity Resolution XML Catalog V1.0//EN
     -//OASIS//DTD XML Catalog V1.0//EN

Rather than an FPI of my own devising, such as:

    -//GlobalTransCorp//DTD XML Catalog V1.0//EN


Mark Johnson        <mark@duke.edu>
Debian SGML         <mrj@debian.org>
Home Page:          <http://dulug.duke.edu/~mark/>
GPG fp: 50DF A22D 5119 3485 E9E4  89B2 BCBC B2C8 2BE2 FE81

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