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Subject: Tip: An unofficial OASIS XML Catalog test suite


I thought you might be interested in an un-official OASIS XML Catalog test 

The most of it is written by Rob Lugt of ElCel technologies, who asked[1] 
OASIS' entity resolution committee to adopt it, but it was me, while writing 
an implementation for the desktop environment KDE[2], who two 
years later found that out via google and asked Rob if it was ok I used it.

Due to the web interface for our CVS server being down, the easiest way to 
fetch the test suite is to at a shell prompt enter:

export CVSROOT=":pserver:anonymous@anoncvs.kde.org:/home/kde"
cvs login # press enter, no password
cvs co kdenonbeta/kdom/catalog/TestSuite

It has about 40 tests(four suffix related, btw), all licensed under the MIT 
license, and it can of course not be guaranteed whether conformance is a good 
thing ;-) The tests were written ad-hoc according to what was "considered 
difficult", and its coverage of the specification is hence undefined, to be 
exact. Nevertheless, the conformance of my implementation would have been far 
from current state without the test suite.

I ask what Rob initially did: perhaps OASIS is interested to use the test 
suite for building an official test suite?

In either case is everyone warmly welcomed to use the test suite. Corrections 
and extensions are of course also welcomed, the inclusion of patches(or CVS 
access) is easily arranged.





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