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Subject: Re: Catalog requirements

Here is the message agin; hopefully it gets through this time.


On 10 Nov 2000, Lauren Wood wrote:

> My email has been acting up; just as well we have archive as and 
> they work!
> Our description of purpose says that we will delete those features 
> of TR 9401 that are only applicable to SGML, and add support for 
> new features in XML.
> My idea on the namespace issue was originally two-fold:
> 1) it's a URI, and if you think of the namespace URI as being a type 
> of public ID, you might want to map it to a real existing URI
> 2) this URI might have something at the end of it; I had thought 
> maybe we could allow a keyword to be added to say what that 
> thing at the end is (DTD, schema, Java class, whatever). this 
> seems to be very controversial, so I'm happy to leave it to further 
> discussion and not put it in the requirements.
> Terry (I think it was Terry, anyway) pointed out there are other 
> URLs which don't have SYSTEM or PUBLIC keywords, such as the 
> stylesheet URL in the stylesheet PI, and one might want to map 
> these onto a URL that exists on the local system as well. So that 
> requirement really should cover all the cases where some URL is 
> used that might want to be mapped (I'm using URL here because 
> I'm not sure whether it will work with URNs).
> Lauren

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