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entity-resolution message

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Subject: Catalog Requirements (resend after 2-day bounce)

1)  Would like to support Terry and Norman that
      a) there be a DTD for said catalog
AND  b) there be a schema (W3C XML Schema) please

2) John Cowan said: "what I want, by *not* supporting SYSTEM, is to 
force people who publish
DTDs to assign them public identifiers"

A lovely idea.  Not exactly practical.  However, one of the side
issues we may be able to raise here is to REALLY make an issue of this,
loudly, in print, and on websites.  There has been no vocal best
practices screaming for this, just a few of us croaking hoarsely.
Publicity works.  Off topic, but let's think about this, and talk
more at XML 2000. How to get the word out.

3) Terry said:
'"URI" is a mischievous coinage, and I eye its usage warily ...'

It is an attempt not to limit ourselves to URLs, on the assumptions
that URNs (or other) may yet be practical. Since URN provides still
another level of indireciton here, so we need to limit ourselves
to URLs?  (Hope not, but real question.)


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