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Subject: Re: Catalog Requirements (resend after 2-day bounce)

>Off topic, but let's think about this, and talk
>more at XML 2000.

Off topic again, I will be there too, and happy to meet up with everyone
attending (including Debbie & Mr Moose).

>It is an attempt not to limit ourselves to URLs, on the assumptions
>that URNs (or other) may yet be practical. Since URN provides still
>another level of indirection here, so we need to limit ourselves
>to URLs?  (Hope not, but real question.)

On the serious side, I certainly want to see URNs dealt with just as much as
URLs.  I think URNs would make good public identifiers, once we get over the
issues of who will be granted namespaces and administer them for the betterment
of the world.

Anthony B. Coates
Leader of XML Architecture & Design
Chief Technology Office
Reuters Plc, London.

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