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Subject: Re: Catalog Requirements

At 14:03 2000 11 16 -0800, Terry Allen wrote:
>Paul wrote:
>| Furthermore, I would elaborate on what I'd call the function vrs syntax
>| issue.  That is, all of PUBLIC, SYSTEM, and other catalog entry types
>| are functional.  That is, in each case, the lefthand side is a string
>| in context.  For example, "xxx" could be a public id, a system id, an
>| entity name, etc., but what "xxx" represents is clear from looking at
>| the catalog entry in which it appears.  
>| Once you start to have a URI entry type, you are allowing something
>| whose function is unclear to be mapped.  When you call an entity
>| resolver, you come in with an external entity declaration and you
>| know that you've got X for the entity name, Y for the public id,
>| and Z for the system id, and TR9401 carefully defines how to do
>| the catalog lookup.  
>Just to clarify, what Paul is calling "function" is "function in
>XML"; URNs have the function of naming and URLs have the function
>of locating.

Of course.  We are talking of an entity management catalog, so when
I say "function," I'm referring to the function in terms of XML
external entities.  UR*s have no function in terms of XML external
entities--their function/semantics are at a different "layer" of things.

>| But URI is orthogonal to PUBLIC, SYSTEM, etc., and it going to be 
>| a mess.  I don't want to go there.  
>Okay.  We do need URI>URI mapping, though.  Let's imagine it
>happens through (some piece of some processor) consulting another 
>map.  (If anyone wants references to previous URN-WG work on
>such maps, let me know.)

Careful that you don't mix layers.  Without getting into the
discussion of whether URI>URI mapping is good or bad, it is
not part of XML entity management and does not belong mixed
in with an entity management catalog.

>What piece of what processor would we like it to be, and should
>the mapping be done before or after the xmlcat is consulted,
>or both?  and should the two items (URI map and xmlcat) be
>consulted by the XML processor or by some new, specialized
>processor that feeds its results into the XML processor?
>or something else?

I believe this is seriously out of scope for this TC.  Talk
to Norm about the W3C URI IG he is chairing (fool that he is),
but URI>URI mapping (as interesting a topic as it is) is 
orthogonal to entity management as defined by TR9401 and the 
charter of this TC.


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