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Subject: Re: Proposed URI classes

Paul Grosso wrote:

> Anything that does not have a defined function and context in
> XML 1.0+namespaces (think the Infoset) makes me uneasy for xmlcat
> version 1.0, and that includes include.  (I consider the stylesheet
> PI to be of the same generation as XML 1.0+namespaces, but XInclude
> isn't even a CR yet, and other forms of include require application
> dependent knowledge even to recognize them.)

I think on the contrary that XMLcat should be extensible, so that any
token can be used here, and it is up to a specific Rec (in principle)
to explain which token it uses for what.  In fact, applications should
be able to access the current catalog using their own tokens as well.

In which case it is not unreasonable to have a "default" mapping to
be applied if no specific token can be found.

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