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entity-resolution message

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Subject: Re: Catalog Requirements

Paul wrote, in part:
| If you want to map the thing in a stylesheet PI, then we should
| add a STYLESHEET entry type.  That is functional/contextual.  We
| are not mapping arbitrary URIs (which I still think is out of scope).

Not to argue with the issue of scope, but I kinda want an example
of why calling out these functional/contextual classes makes a 
difference (except for DELEGATE, perhaps).  I observed before that
it's rare that the same entity gets used in two contexts.  Am I

| Maybe an example would help explain what I'm saying.

It needs to be fixed; try filling in some real identifiers.

| document instance
| -----------------
| <?xml version="1.0"?>
| <!DOCTYPE foo PUBLIC "xxx" "yyy" [
| <!ENTITY bar SYSTEM "xxx">
| <?xml-stylesheet href="xxx" type="text/css"?>
| ]>
| <foo xmlns="xxx">
| &bar;
| </foo>

regards, Terry

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