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entity-resolution message

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Subject: Re: Catalog Requirements

Paul responded:
| Well, "rarely ambiguous" is still troubling, I would think.

I'm trying to find a concrete example of the trouble.

| But, in fact, you're right that one doesn't usually use
| the same entity in two contexts.  That helps make my point.
| You want to be able to map the same string into different
| SOIs depending on the original string's context.

Why?  example, please.

| >| Maybe an example would help explain what I'm saying.

| The point is that the same string of datatype "URI" could 
| represent a valid public id, system id, namespace name, etc.,
| but you might want to map it into different things depending
| on its context.  

Why might I want to do that?

| Therefore, its context must be one of the
| axes of the resolution process.

Or it's a concept not useful at this level.  Show me why it is,

regards, Terry

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