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Subject: Re: URI, SOI (off topic)

At 19:10 2000 11 21 -0500, Norman Walsh wrote:
>  The objective of the Entity Resolution TC is to provide facilities to
>  address issue A of the OASIS catalog specification (TR 9401). These
>  facilities will take into account new XML features and delete those
>  features of TR 9401 that are only applicable to SGML, as well as those
>  features applicable only to issue B in TR 9401.
>The "system" and "public" contexts are clearly in TR9401. We might
>decide to scrap "notation", "entity", and some of the other TR9401
>features that aren't readily accessible in XML parsers (i.e., exposed
>by SAX). (Or we might not.)
>But I explicitly see "namespace", "schemaloc", "stylesheet", and
>possibly "include" as contexts that comprise "new XML features".

For the record, I don't see schemaloc or include as new XML features.
I see them as features of various XML applications (e.g., schemas,
XSLT).  It is open for debate as to where we draw the line on what
goes into core xmlcat 1.0 and what should be handled via an extension
capability in xmlcat 1.0.

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