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entity-resolution message

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Subject: Issues Document V0.1

My initial list, constructed during our discussions today:

Title: Issues Document

Issues Document

OASIS Entity Resolution Technical Committee

Edited by

Norman Walsh

$Id: issues.xml,v 1.1 2000/11/27 23:12:23 ndw Exp $

$Date: 2000/11/27 23:12:23 $

Revision History
Revision 0.1 27 Nov 2000 ndw
First draft; constructed from conversations at the 27 Nov 2000 telcon.

This document tracks open issues in the OASIS Entity Resolution Technical Committee.

  1. Which schema language is normative?

  2. Should our requirements state explicitly that we require XML 1.0 + Namespaces? (As opposed to the more vague statement "XML" from which someone might conclude that XML Schemas or RELAX or XInclude or some other specification was relevant.)

  3. What do we do about delegate? Do we need to have a delegate for public identifiers, a delegate for system identifiers, etc. This is the functional class versus syntax issue again. URNs where?

  4. Do we want to allow the catalog to map entity names to URIs?

  5. What is the extensibility mechanism? Elements from another namespace?

  6. Can an extension element change the semantics of an element from the catalog (non-extension) namespace.

                                        Be seeing you,

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