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entity-resolution message

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Subject: Re: first proposal

On 29 Nov 2000, Norman Walsh wrote:

> I think it makes a very suitable starting point. I would suggest the
> following explicit changes:
> 1. Make all element and attribute names strictly lowercase

I actually like camel caps, since I think it makes two-word names 
easier to read (e.g., PublicId rather than publicid).

> 2. Drop <base> in favor of xml:base


> 3. Rename <map> to <public>


> 4. Rename <remap> to <system>


> This immediately raises some questions:
> a. Should we use consistent source/target attribute names?

You mean, change PublicId and SystemId to "source" and the 
various href's to "target"? I don't think so.

> b. If so, should we make them global attributes?
> c. Can we think of a better name than "extend" for the functionality
>    of loading an additional catalog? I think "extend" will lead people
>    to "extensibility" and they'll get confused.

How about LoadCatalog? A bit longer, but with an obvious 
meaning. I don't expect people to be editing these things very 
often, so having names a little longer than necessary to make them 
easy to remember seems like a good trade-off to me.


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