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entity-resolution message

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Subject: Re: first proposal

At 14:43 2000 11 29 -0500, John Cowan wrote:
>Lauren Wood wrote:
>> > Yep. I don't mind long names as long as they're clear. But I'm not
>> > delighted with LoadCatalog, since it's the only one that's got a verb
>> > in it.
>> [...]
>> >
>> > Maybe just 'import'. (The semantics of the CATALOG directive are more
>> > like xsl:import than xsl:include.)
>> >
>> > Yes, I think I vote for 'import' all by itself.
>> Works for me.
>Umm.  Isn't it the case that the referenced catalog is not searched
>unless the current catalog does not satisfy the request?  This seems
>to me like subclassing (the current catalog is a subcatalog of the
>referenced catalog), the Java term for which is "extend".  That's
>what I had in mind.

Oops, I've been at the AC meeting all day, so I'm batching my email,
and I just sent my earlier one before reading this.  Yes, what John said.

>How about "subCatalogOf"?

Well, it's not "sub", it's more "next".  The referenced catalog entry
file gets inserted into the current list of catalog entry files after 
this current catalog entry file (or after the last one previously so
inserted from this catalog entry file).

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